Detroit Lions Radio - Beating Bears Y& Previewing Giants

December 15, 2016

Before worrying about the upcoming road trip, the guys use the first half of the show to reflect on another heroic Detroit Lions win. Matthew Stafford didn’t have his best statistical day, but one podcaster still labeled him the MVP. The other doesn’t even think his late rushing touchdown was the takeaway moment from the game. That dishonor falls solely to Jeff Triplette and his crew.

The guys also dove deep into how the Stafford’s middle finger affected his throwing that day. Do the guys think this is a lingering concern? Could it affect the playoff picture?

There were also props to be thrown at the running game. After months of miserable performances, Lions fans were treated to the team’s best rushing output since Week 2. And finally, the defense got its time in the spotlight before turning the page on another winning week.

The guys kicked off part 2 of this week’s show with Patricia Traina of Inside Sports. She’s a beat writer who has been covering the New York Giants for some time and provided a ton of great insight. She broke down what has made the defense so special. She also explained why the offense cannot get on the same page before divulging where Detroit should attack a vulnerable Giants team. Her interview didn’t make either of the guys feel more confident, but pessimism was surprisingly low during this week’s preview. The weather conditions should make for a sloppy game, and Detroit has found a way to survive all year.


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