Bears Barroom Radio

September 12, 2016

Host: Aldo Gandia

About: Chicago Bears Barroom Radio is hosted and produced by two-time Emmy Award winner Aldo Gandia. Every week Aldo and his four distinct and diverse barflies talk Bears football in a manner that you won't hear anywhere else.

Phil Ottochian, aka Draft. Dr. Phil  - His inimitable style and passion for the Bears makes him a must-listen. Now you can do so almost every day of the week as Phil delivers Bears news and analysis with his Daily Dose show. And, make sure you catch Phil's weekly tape breakdown of the most recent Bears game in his feature called the Doctor's Office.

Shayne Marsaw is the writer of Marsaw's Mailbag a Q & A blog where you send your question on anything pertaining to the Bears - past or present - and Shayne delivers a response. And, through rain, sleet or snow Shayne carries a sunny disposition and sharp wit.

Jose Cotto can be found all over the Barroom sharing his knowledge of Xs & Os. He will soon begin co-hosting his own podcasts. Jose personifies Chicago Bears football with his highly opinionated "two pesos."

Lorin Cox is an analyst for USA Today's Bears Wire and Pro Football Focus. He's a straight A student of the game and never fails to offer penetrating analysis.